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Frequently Asked Questions

Grout and Sealer for marble tiles

Q: Do you have a recommendation on the brand of grout I use with the tile?

Q: Do you have a recommendation on the brand of sealer I use with the tile?

Q: Can I use the new acrylic grout with this product to avoid sealing the surface?

Q: Are Carrara Marble tiles also suited for the shower tub walls? Is there only one color for the grout?

Q: Does natural stone need to be sealed?

Q: How often do I need to seal my stone?


Q: What is honed or tumbled?

Q: I want tiles without the backing so that I can use them as a no grout installation, do you sell any like this?

Q: Can you just please see if I can get like more of the cream ones then the more grey ones

Q: Can marble tiles be used outdoors?

Q: Is the carrara marble more white or more gray?


Q: How long for delivery to NYC?

Q: Do you offer free shipping or a new customer discount code?

Q: Do you have expedited shipping?

Q: What should I do if my order comes broken?


Q: Can I pay with cash?

Q: Do you have any first time buyer coupons?