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Sample Walnut Travertine Honed 2 x 12 Chair Rail Ogee-1 Molding Trim


  • Premium Quality (Selected) Walnut Travertine Honed 2 x 12 Chair Rail Ogee-1 Molding Trim Sample
  • Top Quality; Carefully Selected; Consistent in size and finish; Natural Beauty; Factory Direct
  • Imported From Turkey
  • Ships From Anaheim in Southern California
  • Ships approximately 1-2 Business Days after receiving payment
  • Estimated Delivery Time is 1-5 Business Days
  • Matching subway tiles, basketweaves, herringbone, brick tiles, borders, moldings and more
  • Large quantities in stock
  • Price is per 0.3 LF
  • 0.3 LF of Walnut Travertine 2 x 4 Chair Rail Ogee-1 Molding Trim, Honed (smooth and matte)

Gorgeous Walnut Travertine Marble tiles quarried in Turkey.

Genuine classic Walnut Travertine Tiles color defer from medium to a dark coffee-colored brown or caramel brown colors of nature and more vivid accent hues.

Walnut is considered to be one of the hardest travertine stone colors.

It is both perfect for your interior and exterior projects. Can have a slight gold tint.

The Walnut Travertine Honed 2 x 12 Chair Rail Ogee-1 Molding Trim look great as bathroom flooring, countertop, kitchen backsplash, pool, balcony, spa, pool, fountain, shower, entryway, dining room, corridor, flooring, wall, barbeque, etc.

Lowest prices on the U.S. market and the very best quality.

Walnut Travertine Honed 2 x 12 Chair Rail Ogee-1 Molding Trim match with each other, as we ship all the mosaic tiles from the same batch.

Suggestions for the best results

Purchasing 10-15% in addition to the exact square footage of your future project, to cover cuts in edge areas (so-called “tile waste”).

Using a penetrating type sealer.

Sealer fills the pores that will not change the appearance of the surface, but will allow you to quickly clean up the surface and prevent it from becoming permanently stained, etched, and damaged.

Technical details:

Sizes (per piece) 1 7/8" (Width) X 4" (Length) X 1" (Thickness / Depth)
Color Medium to a dark coffee-colored brown
Surface Finish Honed
Material Walnut Travertine
Thickness 1 inches
Coverage 0.3 linear ft. (4")
Sold by 0.3 linear ft.



Due to various monitors and settings, it may not be directly possible to view the exact shading/coloring characteristics of the material entirely on your screen.

Even though we do everything we can to truly represent the overall colors/shades of the current batch of the product with our product photos, samples are highly recommended for a better assessment of the current batch of this product before committing to a larger purchase

Therefore, current actual samples are recommended to be obtained and approved before committing to a larger order.

Please note that natural stone does vary in pattern and color, so each piece will be unique, which is part of what makes natural stone such a beautiful and interesting material.

Call us in case of sealer related or any other type of recommendations needed.


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